I'm a Visual Designer based in Spain with 15+ years of experience creating simple and meaningful design. 
During these years I had the opportunity to work with all kind of clients, from big corporations to startups. 
Currently I’m the co-founder of HolaBrief.com, an online tool to help designers have a better understanding of their clients business during the most important and underrated phase of the design process: the design brief. 
I work on projects that I care about and more importantly, with people that believe in what they do. Because finding the right designer is hard, but so is finding the right client. 

Simplicity. Well-thought-out concepts that focus on the essence, through clean and meaningful design.
Trust. Building a solid relationship with a client based on mutual trust and respect, translating into better work.
Learning. Being passionate about what I do and learning new things every day that I can use to improve my process.
Collaboration. Knowing my limitations and surrounding myself with professionals, such as motion designers, web developers, illustrators… that can join a project when needed.

(re)Branding. Whether the brand already exists or starting from scratch, I work on concept development, logo design, visual language, brand guidelines and brand consulting.
Digital. Web and app design is also one of my core strengths. From wireframes to visual design.
Print. As a part of the brand development, I create all collateral materials, ranging from stationary to editorial design.


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