DontMemorise is an educational content platform aimed to ensure quality education is accessible by all students regardless of their geographical location or their economic circumstances.
Recognizing the need for a distinctive brand identity, the company sought my expertise to craft a compelling brand that resonates with their mission. 
By building a strong and recognizable brand, their aim was to reach a milestone of 50,000 users within the upcoming year. 
I created a memorable and playful brand based on the concept of "Understanding." 
The design features three dots connected in a loop, representing lifelong learning. It also cleverly forms a play symbol to highlight the video-based platform. 
This new brand image led to remarkable results - Don't Memorise gained an impressive subscriber base of 2.6 million and accumulated over 250 million views on YouTube within a few years. 
Eventually, the company was acquired by Edtech Startup Infinity Learn in 2022. 
Main tasks
Branding: Creation of the new brand, including logo, illustrations and brand guidelines as well as defining the core values of the brand.
Website Design. Creating a new website for the brand.
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