HolaBrief is a platform to help creatives and their clients to collaborate effectively, allowing them to save time, make projects more affordable and above all help them build long lasting relationships. It has a strong focus on the initial phase of the process, the creative brief.
The problem
We know firsthand that there is an important issue with creative projects where agencies and clients are not able to communicate effectively. They tend to ignore the briefing phase because they see it as a waste of time, bureaucracy or they are just too anxious to move the design phase to later on spend precious time in endless feedback loops that could have been avoided.
Together with my cofounder, we saw the opportunity to tackle this issue by creating a platform where the briefing is the main actor. Users can create User Personas, Competitors & Positioning Maps, Moodboards and more. 
We gathered insights from hundreds of creatives, from solo designers to creative directors to agency owners. We interviewed them, we sent surveys and we ran usability test sessions. This helped us refine our buyer personas and developed new features that solve users’ needs.
Mission & Vision 
Our mission is for clients and agencies to enjoy working together without killing each other in the process. For agencies to have profitable projects and satisfied clients, with existing clients bringing new business to the agencies through referrals.

Our vision is to revolutionize the creative workflow. Saving millions in marketing budgets and protecting valuable resources from being wasted.
We developed a simple and straightforward brand identity supported by a clean and timeless typography that brings a sense of approachability, reliability, and modernity. 

A strong color palette with pink/red and purple as main colors communicates creativity, imagination and passion. Together, these colors not only grab attention but also establish a visual language that resonates with the dynamic and imaginative nature of the creative process.
The fully customizable platform allows users to easily create and edit exercises, fill them out, comment and share them with their clients or team members. For clients, the signup-free collaboration portal is the perfect solution to provide project info and upload files hassle-free.
Customer Success
Our customers have significantly improved their collaboration journey, contributing to an impressive Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 54.
Main tasks
Product strategy: Contributing to defining the product vision and what we wanted it to be. 
User research: Conducting user interviews to better understand their processes and pain points. 
UX/UI Design: Creating wireframes, prototypes, and flows to validate internally and externally, iterating and eventually turning them into pixel-perfect designs. 
Testing: Validating both initial ideas and finished features by interviewing users, using tools like Maze, surveys, A/B tests. 
Creative direction: Supervising the design team to ensure the product is always on-brand. 
Roadmap definition: Collaborating with the Product Manager to define the product roadmap.
My role at HolaBrief was ever-changing. I covered Creative Direction, Strategy, UX/UI Design and Product Management. Over the years, I delegated some of these tasks being the final team as follows:

Fernando Ifran - Founder
Marcos Cifuentes - UX/UI Designer
Paola Salillas - Frontend Developer
Juan Cruz Giusto - Growth Marketing Manager
Katleen Roggeman - Communication Manager

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